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You know your business better than anyone else. We know how to leverage technology to make your business smarter, leaner, faster and more profitable.

Software Consulting Team

We are a team of talented, driven individuals with anywhere from 10 to 30 years of technology and business consulting expertise. We're curious minds and we thrive in an environment where our work is varied and impactful, living at the forefront of technology and innovative thinking.

Our team is adept at quickly understanding your unique business challenges and collaborating with you to build real advantage through digital transformation. We have a proven process that starts with our Digital Solutions Assessment, which defines your current state and envisions the future, all leading to the roadmap and implementation plan to get you to your end goal.

At Blue Ocean Consulting, we know what you're up against. We understand that you have to be able to identify, quantify, attack and execute like never before. And when it comes to technology, software and data advancements, we're all under siege with expectations to figure it all out in the least amount of time and at the lowest cost.

What you need is a partner with the same attitude and mindset who will go to battle with you. What you need is Blue Ocean Consulting.

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Technology Consulting

Blue Ocean Consulting assigns the right consultants to each client to solve software and business challenges. We navigate through your business pain so we can identify the right software solutions that are unique to your business needs that generate sales, increase efficiencies, and scale on budget.

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Software Development

With over 20 certified Scrum Masters, our approach is flexible and transparent and allows us to develop custom software solutions while continually improving the product, delivering high-quality, high-performing, and highly-secure enterprise software. We work as a team to raise the bar and hold each other accountable so that our customers benefit from the consistency and quality in every one of our deliverables.

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Data Analytics

BOC partners with Data Scientists who are among the top in the industry, delivering data insights that lead to better marketing decisions and optimized business performance. They are well versed in Big Data and the toolkits required to manage it. Our Data Scientists have experience with terabyte-size data sets in industries including but not limited to Consumer Products, Telco, Healthcare, Financial Services, Banking, and Investment Banking.

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Design & UX

Your website or application is a powerful tool and it sends a message; it reflects who you are and what your brand represents. That first introduction has the potential to turn a visitor into a customer, or it can drive them to seek out a competitor.

In a research study aimed to determine whether different design elements or content factors influenced trust among users, design elements were exponentially more powerful than content in terms of mistrust.

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Digital Strategy & I.T. Consulting

Every business has the opportunity to leverage a technology solution, improve performance and increase revenue, no exceptions. We work with progressive executives who recognize that technology is driving the pace of change in business and who want to use to their competitive advantage.

Blue Ocean Consulting will act as your in-house IT team, outsourced. First, we are your partner. We believe that transparent collaboration will yield the best results and bring your company's vision to life. Our business-minded, forward-thinking philosophy is the driver behind our digital transformation strategy.

Because of the breadth of our capabilities and business models we work within, we have a keen sense of what's happening in this dynamic marketplace. Let's get together to talk about your business and what's possible.

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