Case Study: BEB Industrial Asset Management

Revolutionizing the Materials Handling Industry

The Situation

BEB Industrial Asset Management realized they were struggling to set themselves apart in a declining materials handling industry. Their existing software developed for their customers was compatible only with a desktop PC; the one developer who knew the software had left; and the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) dashboard – where key data points can demonstrate how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives – was left up to their customers to configure manually (which they weren’t doing). The software was essentially useless, and BEB knew they had to make a monumental change to stand out from the “sea of sameness” against their competition. When nobody else was differentiating themselves as a thought leader or innovator, BEB contacted Blue Ocean Consulting (BOC) for help.

Customer Example

Typically, a BEB customer would put in a service request via phone or email when a forklift was down and needed to be serviced. The customer had no access to machine inventory, service schedule or the cost to rent a replacement. The new software allowed clients to enter a service request through a portal with a direct line to their service provider, creating workflow efficiencies and visibility in real time. Service providers and BEB customers can now directly interact, and customers are able to manage their assets, expenses, quotes and proposals.

The Solution

While BEB drafted a blueprint of what they wanted, BOC challenged them and helped them map out a better path, introducing a hybrid solution to BEB’s leadership team. “They were pivotal in helping us get the right product from day one,” said Ken Shields, BEB’s vice president of operations.

The solution was rolled out in two phases: The first focused on developing the KPIs and the dashboard that would represent the goals for each customer and to help them gauge the effectiveness of certain functions and processes that are important in achieving their overall organizational goals. After KPIs were established, the software built a roadmap around them. And with BEB owning the Intellectual Property (IP), customers now were able to gain and own business intelligence, and BEB had an added value proposition that their competitors lacked.

The next phase was the replacement of manual data entry and rekeying. BOC’s new software incorporated electronic data integration, facilitating the connection between the customer and service provider.

Phase two also replaced the billing process. Previously, the BEB billing cycle was significantly delayed waiting on a customer’s payment while the service providers took the hit; BOC’s software system created a new invoicing platform, sending invoices directly to the customer. These invoices are paid faster and service providers are receiving their payments on time. It also incorporates an approval process for any expense and allows staff to view who approved maintenance and repair spending. All inefficiencies are now managed in real time, which has added value to BEB’s customers.

BEB Industrial Asset Management

The Results

BEB’s customers are using data that has never been available before, which allows them to really understand the quality of the service they are receiving and how their service providers are performing.

The New Software:

  • Simplifies asset management for customers
  • Streamlines the process for customers and vendor partners
  • Allows customers to have the right tools at their disposal and track the results
  • Gives unparalleled visibility into service workflow
  • Allows for head count and expense reduction

BEB is now able to offer a tiered pricing model based on features and functionality, starting with the dashboard level with performance information and increasing to service manager capabilities, which allows customers to turn on industry benchmarks and see how they are comparing within the industry as a whole. The result is a new revenue stream for BEB while boosting their competitive advantage.

Managing assets, lease dates, expenses, quotes and proposals has never been easier or more efficient. BEB has been able to revolutionize the materials handling industry.


Asset Utilization 40%

BOC is a great partner; they have been really key in helping us develop our vision. What they brought to the table is a game-changer for our industry.

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