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At Blue Ocean Consulting, we speak Scrum.

The Agile Scrum Approach

In simple terms, Scrum is a framework for completing complex projects, based on agile principle and values; it defines a set of activities that can help the team deliver more value to their customers faster. These activities provide the customers with the opportunity to review, guide and influence the team's work as it progresses.

The Scrum approach does not aim to define everything at the beginning of the process; instead, the team works in short iterations (also called sprints) and refines the plan as the team makes progress. With over 20 certified Scrum masters, our approach is flexible and transparent and allows us to develop custom-software solutions while continually improving the product, delivering high-quality, high-performing and highly-secure enterprise software. We work as a team to raise the bar and hold each other accountable so that our customers benefit from the consistency and quality in every one of our deliverables.

Developing our own Custom Software Development process, also known as a software development life cycle (SDLC), ensures the solution is matched to the business need and is easily adopted by users and is delivered on time and on budget.

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Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

The core SDLC phases are segmented into four areas:

Release Planning

In a Scrum project, the team will spend most of its time developing a product in a series of sprints and first create a high-level plan for the project. This plan is a roadmap to guide more detailed decisions that the team will make during the course of the project. It is important to know that as we implement the plan, it will change. When the team has finished planning the project, the team will have created a product backlog and, if it is needed, a release plan.

Iteration (Sprint) Planning

A product release contains one to many Sprint Iterations; a Sprint Iteration is a time-boxed allotment of engineering that is usually one to four weeks long, which produces an increment of the product that the team could ship. The planning process for a Sprint Iteration is a mandatory event that occurs at the beginning of each Sprint Iteration.


The focus during iteration execution is delivering a high quality, working, tested system. During this time developers are coding features while QA is conducting testing activities. Daily SCRUM meetings are held to ensure iteration commitments are being met and any impediments are being removed. Typical iteration execution includes regular delivery of software through frequent builds and deployments.


During the release phase of the project, the goal is to deploy the software to the production or live environment. During this phase of the SDLC final user acceptance testing, regression testing, user training, and documentation is completed. The software is deployed via an automated process to ensure that a smooth and uneventful release is attained. Post-deployment activities include a smoke test to ensure the viability of the new software. Once this is completed, users can begin to utilize the newly released features of the software.

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Microsoft Stack Developers

We utilize the latest and greatest software tools to help our clients stay ahead of their competitors. Our enterprise architects collaborate creatively with our clients to ensure the custom software is both economical and efficient. We work in the Microsoft Stack of software which includes C#, .NET and Microsoft SQL Server as well as Telerik and Oracle, when needed.

Website Design

Our website builds incorporate Progress Sitefinity, a Content Management System (CMS) that enables non-technical users to manage the site easily without the support of the IT department. Our client website services include mobile first, responsive frameworks that work on any device and conform to the marketing performance objectives of the company.

UI/UX Design

At Blue Ocean Consulting our experience has allowed us to hone a direct and sequential approach to user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design that gives our clients the results they want. Each stage of our process is designed with a very specific purpose in mind and includes measurable benchmarks to ensure we're working toward the end goal.


At BOC, we offer the managing, operation, maintenance, versioning and upgrading of an application throughout its lifecycle. Our DevOps team continually tests apps in order to detect bugs or outages, determine results and offer and or/implement solutions in a timely manner.


Ecommerce can take many forms. From facilitating simple online payment methods to enabling a full product-driven, online commerce (E-Commerce) application with inventory management and extensive reporting can include the identification of a payment gateway that we integrate an existing solution with, or identifying an ecommerce platform that can be configured for your business needs.

Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is an extension of our custom software development practice. Creating mobile points of interaction with software systems is a critical part of meeting the needs and expectations of both customers and employees. With the ability to access information anywhere, mobile applications can enable behaviors that better fit with how your customers and employees work leading to better efficiency and stronger engagement.


Technology Consulting

Blue Ocean Consulting assigns the right consultants to each client to solve software and business challenges. We navigate through your business pain so we can identify the right software solutions that are unique to your business needs that generate sales, increase efficiencies, and scale on budget.

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Software Development

With over 20 certified Scrum Masters, our approach is flexible and transparent and allows us to develop custom software solutions while continually improving the product, delivering high-quality, high-performing, and highly-secure enterprise software. We work as a team to raise the bar and hold each other accountable so that our customers benefit from the consistency and quality in every one of our deliverables.

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Data Analytics

BOC partners with Data Scientists who are among the top in the industry, delivering data insights that lead to better marketing decisions and optimized business performance. They are well versed in Big Data and the toolkits required to manage it. Our Data Scientists have experience with terabyte-size data sets in industries including but not limited to Consumer Products, Telco, Healthcare, Financial Services, Banking, and Investment Banking.

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Design & UX

Your website or application is a powerful tool and it sends a message; it reflects who you are and what your brand represents. That first introduction has the potential to turn a visitor into a customer, or it can drive them to seek out a competitor.

In a research study aimed to determine whether different design elements or content factors influenced trust among users, design elements were exponentially more powerful than content in terms of mistrust.

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