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At BOC, we believe in Lean UX, focusing on outcomes, not outputs.

Our Design Portfolio

Just a small sampling of our most recent work.

KC Builders Association Web App Design
Storagemart Website Design
Greenamyre Rentals Website Design
Speak Stem Website Design
GCM Golf Course Management Website Design
PQ Corporation Website Design

KC Builders Association

KC Builders Association Web App Design

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Storagemart Website Design

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Greenamyre Rentals

Greenamyre Rentals Website Design

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Speak Stem

Speak Stem Website Design

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PQ Corporation

PQ Corporation Website Design

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UX Design Analysis Report

One principle of BOC is that one-size-fits-all solutions do not exist, and it's no different in our UX Design Analysis. Design and UX requires flexibility in every project, a tailor-made process that speaks to the capabilities of the business and designed for the clients they serve.

During our UX Analysis, we work together to discover what your current and future KPI's are, who your target audience is, who your competition is, review your data and provide a detailed report which includes a content and performance audit.

Our innovative process captures the snapshot of your business today, evokes creative thinking from your leadership, applies what’s digitally possible, and builds an executable roadmap to your future state. We deliver your UX Design Analysis Report within a few weeks without disrupting your day-to-day priorities. Once complete, you can move forward on your own, or we can partner with you to see it through.

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Lean UX Design - Focused On Outcomes, Not Outputs

A successful Design + UX experience requires the ability to capture and keep each visitor. Sounds simple enough? Not quite. The build out of websites and mobile applications requires research, analysis, design, testing and validation…and likely more than once. The process is robust because the success of your site or application hinges on it.

At BOC, we believe in Lean UX, focusing on outcomes, not outputs. Our efforts are rooted in the collaboration between stakeholders, designers, developers, copywriters, business analysists, solution architects, researchers and most importantly you, the customer.

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Our UX Process


Product Definition

Blue Ocean Consulting assigns the right consultants to each client to solve software and business challenges. We navigate through your business pain so we can identify the right software solutions that are unique to your business needs that generate sales, increase efficiencies, and scale on budget.

User Research

All long-term design and UX success begins with research. Research informs your product or service and is the most valuable part of our research process where together with each our our partners we:

  • Determine business goals
  • Define pain-points
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Complete a competitive analysis
  • Define MVP and KPI's
  • Identifying target audience and demographics
  • Determine user goals
  • Evaluate analytics

Data Analysis

The goal of analysis is to draw insights from the data collected during the research phase. What do users want? How do they consume information? What websites do they visit? We then create reliable and realistic representations of the key audience segments to reference throughout the design and build.

UI/UX Design

Once it is clear what the goals and expectations of the site are, and insights are gained from the analysis phase, UX designers move on to the design phase. An effective design phase is both highly collaborative, requiring input from all players involved in product development, as well as iterative, meaning it cycles back to validate ideas and assumptions.

Our design phase is built out through a brief that:

  • Summarizes project goals and how we achieve them
  • Creates brand standards/pattern library
  • Develops user personas
  • Designs wireframes/prototypes – mobile/tablet/desktop views
  • Designs high-fidelity mockups
    • Icons/graphics/illustrations/animations
  • Creates a sitemap and visual storyboards

User Acceptance Testing & Validation

Once the design team has iterated the product to the point where it's usable, testing begins. Our testing and validation process includes:

  • Using wireframes and prototypes for rapid feedback
    • Tools – UX Pin, Adobe Experience Designer
  • Usability Testing – Takes guest work out of the design
  • Validates MVP – Ensures we are heading in the right direction

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Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

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Software Development

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Data Analytics

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UX Design

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Focusing on outcomes,
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