Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Is your CRM strategy providing a competitive advantage?

In this digital age, consumers are more informed and have greater expectations of HOW, WHEN and WHERE they are engaged.

To meet these needs, intelligent CRM applications are necessary to compete in the marketplace.

We can help you harness the power and flexibility of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to better understand your customers, nurture new and existing relationships and, ultimately, win more business. Through our Digital Solution Assessment (DSA), you’ll benefit from our hands-on approach as we discover the CRM solution that is the right fit for your business. Whether is a custom-built software designed to meet your needs, or an out-of-the-box program like Microsoft Dynamics, you will benefit from every detail of the process.

Every touch point can impact your business

From social media to digital ads to email marketing, CRM is essential to track and analyze each interaction you have with customers and prospects.

A CRM system, at its core is designed to help organizations automate the lead to revenue as well as service customers after the sale. Built as a collection of manual and automated activities, a CRM can acquire leads from your website, distribute email campaigns, track opportunities and generate orders that will be integrated with your accounting system. The program can also analyze interest gained from seminars, webinars, conferences and trade-shows, and send those leads directly through your sales pipeline. You will know when and through which channel to follow up with a lead, testing and perfecting your messaging strategy along the way.

With an intuitive CRM system, business leaders are able to track sales progress; observe sales trends; turn reports into visual representations; analyze data insights; and assess their overall marketing investment from a single dashboard. Additionally, CRM provides a customer service toolkit focused on comprehensive case management and issue resolution.

Beyond customer acquisition, CRM improves customer retention and the overall customer experience with a full suite of service tools. According to marketing metrics, it is nearly 50 percent easier to sell to existing customers than new prospects. Staying in touch with your VIP customers, offering promotions and rewards and personalizing follow-up communications will help you retain customers and grow your profits…all of which can be done through your CRM platform.

A CRM solution customized to your business needs

Our philosophy that one-size-does-not-fit-all applies here as well. A CRM at one company will (and should) look completely different from a CRM at another company; the outcome depends on each business’ unique overall goals and objectives.

Our process to help you find the right CRM solution begins with our Digital Solution Assessment (DSA). The DSA was designed to capture a snapshot of any current systems you’re using (or lack thereof); understand your wish list and end goals; assess and apply what is digitally possible; and finally, build an executable roadmap to the final CRM solution.

Beyond Technology

It’s important to understand that CRM is more than a technology an application. CRM represents an organizational philosophy that enables a customer-centric approach to marketing, sales and service.

A successful CRM system will impact every customer interaction including a manageable rollout, the right training, internal adoption and supporting your team throughout the process. If you’re able to clearly establish your CRM’s value upfront, you’re empowering your employees and your company to succeed.

The right CRM solution helps you to:

Spend less time on daily tasks

  • Updating and centralizing databases
  • Capturing client communications
  • Managing action items
  • Recording and documenting activities
  • Backing up data

Improve sales & marketing results

  • Personalize the customer experience
  • Share content
  • Email campaign marketing
  • Integrate Sales and marketing
  • Sales forecasting
  • Sales reporting
  • Define workflows
  • Work from anywhere
  • Deliver social insights
  • Define the customer journey
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead nurturing

Increase level of customer service

  • Customer complaint & service systems
  • Customer retention

Plan for the future

  • Data Insights
  • Analyze the sales pipeline
  • Analyze business sources
  • Decide on future investment opportunities
  • Collaboration
  • Workforce efficiency
  • Tracking
  • Project management

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